Mirosław Sikora

Psychoterapia indywidualna i terapia par

As a psychotherapist she works with people experiencing personal, relational and professional difficulties. She focuses on finding an individual strategy to help in a given situation. She uses methods developed in the current of process psychology, which are characterized by openness to diversity, respect for each person's personal experience and a total lack of imposing ready-made solutions.

He provides individual therapy and couples therapy. He is particularly interested in working with people belonging to minorities, especially LGBTQIA+ people.


Own therapeutic office

Lambda Association Warsaw

TVN 'Sablewskiej sposób na'

Alabaster Foundation

Foundation Institute of Positive Education

Refform Foundation

'The Nest' Help Program

Open Space - Therapy Center


Uprawnienia Instytutu Psychologii Procesu do prowadzenia psychoterapii, warsztatów rozwoju osobistego oraz pracy z relacjami i grupami

Studium Polityki Relacji przygotowujące do prowadzenia mediacji i rozwiązywania konfliktów



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