Take care of your and your partner's safety

The HIV virus is one of the greatest risks associated with active sex life. Even though knowledge about HIV is increasing, the number of people infected with HIV continues to rise. Every year, in Poland and around the world the number of HIV infections is increasing. It is important to remember that untreated HIV infection leads to death.

How can you become infected with HIV?

Tearing or breaking a condom during sexual contact
Contact with blood
Mother-to-child contact

Sexual contact

HIV infection is most commonly transmitted through sexual contact. Every kind of sexual contact (vaginal, anal, oral) without the use of condoms involves the risk of infection.

Act preventively – you can avoid HIV infection by taking PrEP.

Contact with blood

The risk of HIV infection exists during blood or blood products transfusions as well as organ or tissues transplants, but all donors are precisely tested to avoid this risk. Additionally, HIV may be transmitted through the use of non-sterilized equipment during invasive medical or cosmetic procedures. Intravenous drug users may also become infected with HIV through the use of shared and/or non-sterilized needles or nasal tubes for inhaled drugs.

Mother-to-child contact

HIV can also be transmitted from an HIV-positive mother to her child. This can happen during fetal life, delivery or breastfeeding.

The pill that will save your health

PrEP pre-exposure prophylaxis

It is a combination of antiretroviral medicines, which eliminate the HIV before it settles in the organism. Taking PrEP can significantly reduce the risk of HIV infection.

What is PReP?
PrEP medicines are a combination of two substances: emitritabine and tenofovir.
  • How does PrEP work?
  • Medicines stop the virus from entering through the mucosa during sexual contact. In other words, the virus is blocked and so it cannot infect the body of an uninfected person.
  • How long should the treatment continue?
  • PrEP treatment should be continued as long as there is a risk of HIV infection.
  • How to take PrEP?
  • Medicines - 300mg of disoproxil tenofovir fumarate and 200mg of emtricitabine - should be administered orally, once a day with a meal. It is important to take the medicines regularly.

Who should use PrEP, and when?

According to the recommendations of the Polish AIDS Scientific Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Naukowe AIDS), PrEP should be used in adults who have a higher risk of acquiring HIV infection.

Your risk is increased when you have sexual contact with a HIV-positive person or a person with unknown serological status, especially if condoms are not used consistently. The risk of becoming infected with HIV also increases with the intravenous use of drugs.

The risk of HIV infection may increase if:

  • within the last year, your partner was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection,
  • your partner has been taking post-exposure prophylaxis within the last year,
  • your partner uses drugs during sexual contacts,
  • your partner provides sexual services.
Does PrEP have any side effects? Should the use of PrEP be supervised by a doctor?
Joanna Kubicka, MD, PhD

PrEP, as with any other medicine, can cause side effects. This is why, it is very important to implement the treatment only under a doctor's supervision. During treatment, the doctor regularly checks our health for possible side effects, for example kidney function failure.

The functioning of kidneys, liver and other organs is controlled before and during PrEP treatment.

Joanna Kubicka, MD, PhD

I want to start taking PrEP. What should I do?

Take an anti-HIV/p24 serological test
Rule out retroviral disease
Verify proper kidney function
Exclude HBV infection and vaccinate against HBV if necessary
Test for other sexually transmitted infections, including HCV

Do not raise the statistics. Know the risks.


people around the world are newly infected with HIV everyday.

registered HIV
infections in Poland
(until September 2019)

of HIV-positive
Polish people
may not know they are infected.
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