Sylwia Włodarczyk-Milewska

Dietetyka, kosmetologia

She is a dietician and nutrition specialist. She deals with healthy and sick patients (including those suffering from diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiovascular diseases and food intolerances). Her mission is to spread knowledge about wise, healthy nutrition, which is the basic pillar of restoring balance between body, mind and spirit. The menus she creates are tailored to the individual health needs, lifestyle and taste preferences of each patient, which guarantees their effectiveness.

As a complement to the care of the patient he deals with cosmetology. For more than two years she has been a cosmetic advisor to Rossmann, supporting customers in choosing the right care methods and reviewing cosmetics. She cooperated with the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation, one of whose tasks is to prevent civilization diseases.

Her greatest success are patients who have discovered pleasure in eating healthy food and taking care of themselves.


2017 - obecnie

Diet Cabinet Dagtyle

2018 - obecnie

Lifestyle Medicine Foundation

2018 - 2020

Rossman Poland


Europejska Placówka Kształcenia, Dietetyka I, II, III stopnia

Policealna szkoła Technik usług kosmetycznych

Szkoła wizażu Make-up Star


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