Dr n. med.

Joanna Kubicka

Choroby wewnętrzne, choroby zakaźne

Since 1994 she has been dealing with patients with various infectious diseases and since 2002 she has been dealing with HIV-infected patients. In his practice he applies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV and other blood-borne infections. She also deals with the pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV infection (PREP). It provides patients with a wide range of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and internal medicine.

Within the group of experts, PTN AIDS is involved in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in HIV infected patients. Her dissertation concerned the borderline between infectious diseases and haematology - replication of HCV and HGV in the bone marrow of patients with haematological disorders.

She believes that good diagnostics and treatment require a comprehensive view of the patient's body.


Award of the Minister of Health for a series of publications on HCV infection

PTN AIDS Awards for publications

Awards of international liver disease associations.


2007 - obecnie

Prophylactic and Medical Clinic in Warsaw

2002 - 2006

Voivodship Infectious Hospital in Warsaw

1994 - 2001

Observation and Infection Ward of the Voivodship Hospital Complex in Kielce


Akademia Medyczna w Krakowie

Uniwersytet Wrocławski (studia doktoranckie)


English, Russian


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