First visit in a nutshell

How it is done and how to prepare for it?
Our meeting is a nice conversation conducted in a friendly atmosphere

During my first visit I want to get to know you, your eating habits, the lifestyle you lead and the goals I will help you achieve. All this so that I can create a nutritional plan that will be tailored to your individual needs. It will take us about 90 minutes.

How to prepare for an interview?

Write down all drugs and dietary supplements you are taking
Write down what you don't like to eat and what products you are allergic to
If you have current test results, take them with you

Before the visit, try not to eat for three hours and do not drink too much water.

Body composition analysis

In order to gather accurate data, I will analyze your body composition. The analysis is performed on bare feet, so dress comfortably remembering to take off your socks or tights for examination.

A pacemaker is a contraindication for the analysis of body composition.

The survey will help you to learn

  • percentage of body fat
  • percentage of water in the body
  • muscle mass
  • bone mass
  • visceral fat content
  • metabolic age of the body
  • BMR indicator, i.e. calorific demand
  • BMI, or body mass index
  • body evaluation based on body fat mass

We can start, the art of eating

During the visit we will talk, among other things, about what to eat, how to eat and even what to eat, what to pay attention to when shopping, tools that will help you change your habits, about your motivation, emotions and their influence on food, and everything you will need. Together we will analyze your current eating habits and discuss possible corrections. You will receive your first nutritional recommendations and instead of a prescription a recipe for a good walk or an inspiring task.

personal plan

Your individual menu

After taking all these parameters into account, I can already prepare a menu containing all the necessary nutrients and taking into account the daily schedule, nature of work and your individual dietary preferences. Within two days, you will receive the list by e-mail, you will also receive the rules of healthy eating and the recipes for the included dishes.

Don't wait! Take care of your health and well-being today!

Our dietitian can consult an internist and a psychologist on an ongoing basis, providing you with optimal care.

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