Physical Wellness

What does our physical health depend on?

The state of our health depends on genetic factors, lifestyle, diet, vaccinations performed, infectious agents we have encountered and the injuries we have suffered.

Physical health prevention should include a thorough analysis of all these aspects and the development of a healthy life plan.

What should such a plan include?

Healthy lifestyle

Matched to our needs, healthy diet
Physical activity
Appropriate sleep, standby and operating modes
Healthy appearance

Plans of prophylactic tests

Related to genetic risk, assessed on the basis of interview and genetic testing
Related to lifestyle, including sexual life
Related to environmental conditions, such as air pollution and occupational risks
Związane z chorobami cywilizacyjnymi, w tym chorobą metaboliczną, chorobami serca, nowotworami


Prophylactic, travel-related
Related to occupational risk
Related to the epidemiological situation

Worth remembering

With a healthy lifestyle, it is also important to recognize early and start treating existing diseases. This is especially true for chronic diseases, to avoid complications and the appearance of further diseases.

The COVID-19 epidemic has shown how much chronic diseases can affect the prognosis of acute infection with a given pathogen. Each of us should take care of prevention and, in consultation with specialists, prepare a pro-health plan covering all important areas.

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The human body is a system of connected vessels, so it is necessary to look at its functions comprehensively. In order to ensure full health we more and more often use alternative methods. One of them is reflexology, which can become a good complement to conventional medicine.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology consists in the pressing of places called reflections on the face, hands and feet. These places are responsible for the functioning of systems and internal organs. It is believed that by oppressing specific places we improve the work of the corresponding organs, which improves the overall condition of our body.

Controversy and facts

Reflectology, like yoga, acupuncture, homeopathy and other alternative health care methods, is very controversial. By some it is called pseudo-science, by others a recipe for a healthy life.

Regardless of extreme opinions, the fact is that there are more than 7000 nerve endings in the human foot, which is the main focus of reflexology. Their stimulation allows to get rid of tension, improves the flow of nerve impulses and blood circulation. Certainly, treatments on the feet, hands and face improve well-being and have a relaxing effect.

How to benefit?

It is enough to make an appointment and for an hour, because that is how long one session lasts, to indulge in the soothing effect of the hand of a qualified reflexologist. The best results are achieved after several dozen treatments. Their number and frequency depends on the assessment of the condition of the body, made during the first meeting.

Initially, during foot treatments we may feel discomfort or even pain. During the cycle of treatments, when we get rid of further tensions in the body, these symptoms disappear.

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