Physical health

What does our physical health depend on?

The state of our health depends on genetic factors, lifestyle, diet, vaccinations performed, infectious agents we have encountered and the injuries we have suffered.

Physical health prevention should include a thorough analysis of all these aspects and the development of a healthy life plan.

What should such a plan include?

Healthy lifestyle

matched to our needs healthy diet,
physical activities,
appropriate amount of time dedicated to sleep, being active and work,
healthy appearance.

Prophylactic tests schedule

test related to genetic risk, assessed on the basis of interview and genetic test,
tests related to lifestyle, including occupational risks, sex life etc.,
tests related to environmental conditions, such as air pollution,
tests related to civilization diseases, including metabolic disease, cardiological diseases and cancers.


prophylactic / travel-related,
related to occupational risk,
related to epidemic situation,

Worth remembering

Healthy lifestyle includes also early diagnosis and treatment of existing diseases. It is especially important for people with chronic diseases. In these cases early diagnosis and treatment helps to avoid complications and /or corresponding disorders.

The COVID-19 epidemic has shown how much chronic diseases can affect the prognosis of acute infection with a new pathogen. That is why everyone should take care of their health and act prophylactic. The best way to do that is to contact a specialist and prepare a pro-health plan covering all important areas.

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The human body is a system of connected vessels, so it is necessary to look at it functions comprehensively. People more often use alternative methods to fully take care of their health. One of these methods is reflexology, which can become a good complement to traditional medicine.

What is Reflexology?

During reflexology procedure, specialist presses points on our feet, hands or face. This points, called reflexes, are nerve endings corresponding to our internal organs. It is believed that by putting pressure on specific places we can improve functioning of corresponding organs and as the result improve overall condition of our body.

Controversy and facts

Reflexology, like yoga, acupuncture, homeopathy and other alternative health care methods can be controversial and bring up doubts. By some it is called pseudo-science by others a recipe for healthy life.

Regardless of extreme opinions, the fact is that there are over 7000 nerves endings in our foot (which is the main focus of reflexology). Their stimulation allows to get rid of tension and improves the blood circulation and the nerve impulses flow. Without any doubt reflexology procedures may improve our well-being and have a relaxing effect.

How to benefit?

The reflexology session lasts 1 hour. You can make an appointment and for this one hour take pleasure in a massage performed by a qualified reflexologist. The best results of therapy are observed after several sessions. During the first appointment, a reflexologist will evaluate the condition of your body and decide about the number and frequency of your treatment sessions.

During first treatment on your feet you can feel discomfort or even pain, but during next sessions, when the tensions in your body are gradually eliminated, these unpleasant symptoms disappears.

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