Provide yourself with support
in difficult situations

According to the World Health Organization (WHO)
the mental disorders affect already one in five people in
the world, and in the next several years they will become
one of the main health problems,
causing people's lifelessness.

Case in Poland

Today, poorer mental health is felt by about 5.3% of the surveyed population of Poland, moderate - about 24.7%, and better (i.e. 'very good' or 'excellent') - about 70% - according to the EZOP study. This means that about 30% of the population (about 7.5 million people) is the number of potential candidates who are looking for a form of help or support.

Difficulties that Poles usually have to deal with:

How to help yourself?

  • Prolonged mood reduction associated with these symptoms can lead to anxiety disorders, depression and other serious mental illness. Professional help from a therapist (sometimes combined with pharmacotherapy) can reach the source of the disorder and eliminate it.
Social expectations

Trying to reconcile career with private life and household chores, we often forget about our own needs. Attempts to adapt to the pace of modern life and to meet high social expectations are often made at the expense of our mental health. This affects our professional situation, relations with family and friends, and more and more deeply immerses us in the problems we often cannot cope with on our own.

Socio-economic transformation

The social and economic situation in Poland is conducive to an increase in stress levels. We feel anxiety about the possibility of losing a job, difficulties with finding it or the need to change our professional profile. We are afraid of a rapid deterioration of the quality of life. We take on additional duties in order to improve our image in the eyes of our supervisor and friends or to satisfy someone's ambitions. Sometimes we are unable to meet them.

Lack of help

In some circles there is still a conviction that it is embarrassing to turn to a psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist for help. Often we are not able to recognize mental disorders or are convinced that we can deal with them ourselves. Many people reach for alcohol, drugs, and are addicted to behavioural addictions (workaholism, shopping and gambling), thus worsening their situation. By neglecting an early diagnosis we condemn ourselves to prolonged suffering and reduce the chances of a quick cure.

Daily life and mental

Mental health affects various aspects of our cognitive, physical, sexual, individual and social functioning.

This means that neglecting mental health we provoke an avalanche of problems. We get rid of energy, the feeling of self-fulfilment, we reduce the ability to feel pleasure. The quality of our work is deteriorating, we have to put more and more effort into doing our daily duties, we lose sense of meaning and burn out professionally. We experience a lack of appetite, difficulties with sleeping, lowering or even losing our libido.

Often psychosomatic diseases are a consequence of a bad mental state.

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