Provide yourself with support
in difficult situations

According to World Health Organization (WHO),
mental health problems concern 20% of world population.
It is predictable that in next several years mental disorders will become
one of main health problems,
causing people's inability to have a normal life.

Situation in Poland

The EZOP research had shown that around 5,3% of surveyed population in Poland evaluate their mental health as weaker (poorer), around 24,7% - as moderate and around 70% as better (i.e. good or perfect). It means that about 30% of population (7,5mln people) are the potential patients looking for help or support.

Main struggles that polish people cope with:

How to help yourself?

  • Prolonged bad mood feeling associated with symptoms above can lead to anxiety disorders, depression and other serious mental illnesses. With professional help from a therapist (sometimes combined with pharmacotherapy) you can find out what is the source of your problems and eliminate it.
Social expectations

While trying to accommodate our professional duties and household chores, we often forget about our own needs. Attempts to adapt to the frantic pace of modern life and to meet high social expectations are often made at the expense of our own mental health. It affects our professional situation, relations with family and friends and amplifies our problems that we cannot sort by ourselves.

Socio-economic transformation

The socio-economic situation in Poland encourages stress increase. We are afraid of losing our job and difficulties with finding a new one or necessity to change our professional profile. We fear rapid deterioration in the quality of our life. We take on additional duties in order to impress our supervisor and friends or to satisfy someone's ambitions. As a result sometimes we are not able to fulfill all our obligations.

Lack of help

In some circles, there is still a conviction that it is embarrassing to turn for help to a psychologist, therapist and/or psychiatrist. Often we are not able to recognize mental disorders or we are convinced we can handle them by ourselves. A lot of people start to drink alcohol, use drugs or develop behavioral addictions (workaholism, shopaholism, gambling) and as a result their situation gets worse. The later we are diagnosed the longer we may suffer. Ignoring symptoms and neglecting our mental health reduces our chances to get better quickly.

Every day life and
mental health

State of mental health affects various areas of our life such as cognitive, physical, sexual, individual and social functions.

It means that neglecting our mental health can cause a stream of problems. We get rid of energy, self-fulfillment and reduce ability to feel pleasure. The quality of our work is deteriorating. We have to put much more effort into everyday chores. We lose sense of purpose and we burn out professionally. We experience lack of appetite, sleeping difficulties and decrease or even loss of our libido.

Often the bad mental state causes psychosomatic diseases.

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